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Clarifire workflow for an industry that must be agile.
Low-Code Workflow Software providing rapid
results for the Financial Services industry

Low-Code Workflow Software providing rapid results for the Financial Services industry


With the transitioning regulatory environment and the pandemic volumes and velocity, the Financial Services industry demands an agile approach to assimilating ongoing industry changes and preparing for further disruption to operational practices. Gain control and tame the chaos with CLARIFIRE - a low-code, configurable, automated workflow application driving continuous improvement and efficiencies. Clarifire, a leader in financial services workflow expertise for over a decade, provides organizations a competitive advantage by transforming core processes with the award-winning CLARIFIRE application, eliminating gaps between point solutions and systems of record, and keeping pace with expanding customer expectations. Aggregation of like requests, processing in bulk and automating interactions, document generation, education, and rapid relief, all in one secure easy to access application.

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With CLARIFIRE workflows, business users can readily apply business rule modifications, without developer help, as industry and product changes necessitate. With an easy-to-use interface, the impacts businesses benefit most from by using CLARIFIRE workflow are eliminating gaps in processes, increased process efficiencies, and elevated operational efficiencies.


The financial industry today faces daunting challenges. From regulatory disruption to natural disasters, now the pandemic and huge onslaughts of customer demands. Financial organizations can rely on CLARIFIRE, the workflow application, to stay ahead. Automated workflows drive operational stability necessary for servicers to meet the growing and changing needs for business, regulators, and the consumer. CLARIFIRE is configurable for the industry’s fluid needs, and auditable to keep organizations consistent and accountable, all while controlling costs and risks.


The customer is an integral part of the servicing processes. In times of disaster, or pandemic, they need fast, easy, informative access to data and relief. If your organization provides this, it paves the way for future customer retention. Digitally savvy consumers are influencing today's strategies and products. Organizations must offer a simplified, on-demand customer experience. CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY® delivers a streamlined, automated process that enables seamless interactions between the business, third parties, and the customer. Business users, partners, and customers are in one secure workflow application that enhances communication, collaboration, and accountability with rapid responsiveness.



Overview of process automation for servicing:

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  • ACCESSIBILITY: Secure, mobile workflow automation provides easy access for internal and external stakeholders to access and use.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Centralized, consistent processes and auditable results empower executives with aggregated, decisionable data.
  • AFFORDABILITY: Full-service SaaS model increases speed to market and eliminates in-house infrastructure and overhead costs.
  • CONFIGURABILITY: Organizations have the ability to add workflow capabilities quickly and efficiently as they operate and grow their business. Create new processes, change existing processes, or leverage the vast process library all in one application.
  • EFFICIENCY: Automation of manual tasks, decreased cycle times, and increased quality.
  • EXPERTISE: Trusted process automation experience for over a decade.
  • SCALABILITY: Scalable horizontally, vertically with powerful, audited private cloud infrastructure. Robust application architecture for unlimited users.
  • SECURITY: Certified and mature cybersecurity program and framework to ensure data protection.

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CLARIFIRE Financial Services

What our clients say about us ...

"We went to big players, but the mortgage industry was not ready. Loss Mitigation was a novel concept with everyone refinancing their homes. We needed flexible technology to keep up with regulatory changes. Jane and team walked side by side with us and has made the ability to do our job that much easier."

Senior VP, Credit Risk Management- Large U.S. financial services company

flexible technology to keep up with regulatory changes

"CLARIFIRE allows us to personalize each borrower experience because it provides the information and helps us set correct expectations."

Manager- One of the nation's largest and strongest financial services companies

Customer Experience

"[CLARIFIRE] technology has allowed us to scale quickly, react quickly, and help more borrowers keep their home."

Manager- One of the nation's largest and strongest financial services companies

scale quickly, react quickly

"Our biggest enabler of increasing productivity is technology; the amount of work per unit has gone up incredibly. We are not only moving through more cases, but, doing more per case with the same number of users - all due to the unified platform that CLARIFIRE provides."

Senior VP, Credit Risk Management- Large U.S. financial services company

Unified platform