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loss mitigation and default servicing solution

One Automated Workflow and Workout Application

Whether during pandemic crisis, times of natural disasters, or economic strife, Clarifire offers a complete loss mitigation solution to streamline both retention and liquidation processes based on regulatory requirements and investor guidelines. The CLARIFIRE® automated workflow solution minimizes the costs associated with loss mitigation variations by automating the numerous disaster and pandemic workout waterfalls. Migrating beyond waterfalls, CLARIFIRE automatically launches the requisite workflows needed to control and govern the timing of activities, communications, and workout eligibility determination required under current policy and industry regulation.

Our integrated, industry-proven workout underwriting feature, CLARIFIRE CALCULATOR®, is a robust, configurable workout eligibility, qualification, and decisioning engine. Developed and continuously evolving with the needs of the industry, CLARIFIRE CALCULATOR is coupled with the CLARIFIRE workflow to increase the quality and agility necessary to handle volumes and responsiveness of workout decisions while simultaneously minimizing the cost to assist borrowers in retaining their homes. In less than 60 seconds, borrowers can experience the mortgage relief they need with a proven, best-in-class solution.

Rapid Responsiveness and Continuous Solution Delivery

CLARIFIRE positions clients to automate processes that stand up to today's velocity of change and demand volume, helping you help your borrowers remain in their homes. Implementing continuous change is fluid and rapid as CLARIFIRE lightens the load with proven workflows, business rules, risk metrics, and all current industry workout underwriting relief options. Integrated self-service options improve your efficiency for transitioning borrowers out of forbearance, automated processing of permanent loan modifications, preparing for foreclosure filings, or addressing the impact of the season's storm and disaster season.

With deep subject matter experience, a proven history of innovation, and speed to market, Clarifire has made a difference in the way the mortgage industry mitigates any impact faced. Continuous innovation and investment in our offering enables uninterrupted investment in your organizations strategies and scaling with visibility.

Benefits of Our Solution

Create cohesive, comprehensive, and seamless default management processes to drive workout and workflow efficiency.
calculations and workflow
Gain instant access to current automated decisioning, calculations, and workflows, including foreclosure, disaster, and pandemic relief.
drive efficiency
Eliminate the overhead and challenges associated with workout rules management

connect to third party systems
Connect in real-time with investor resources, including Fannie Maes SMDU and Freddie Macs RESOLVE.
Improve customer experience and engagement with rapid responses and decision results via the online, secure CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY® portal.
self-service portal
Provide bi-directional communication available 24/7, along with automated self-service capabilities, so borrowers dont have to wait to determine their relief options.

Elevate the capabilities and sophistication of your call center with CLARIFIRE CONTACT®, and transport your customer touchpoints to the next level.
maximize resources
Maximize resource capabilities amidst volume swings with automated workload balancing and distribution.
turnkey solution
Implement a turn-key solution with minimal interruption to your business and start gaining efficiencies on day one.

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