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Innovation is the backbone to Clarifire's culture and mission. It is our goal to nurture a work family that inspires commitment, self-responsibility, respect and above all else ... innovation and creativity. We are passionate about our technology and the services we provide, which focuses on innovating in order to put the technology back into the hands of business leaders. We have been successful in this area because of our team and the committed group of leaders supporting us. We lovingly refer to this group as not just executives or management, but Innovators.


Clarifire's Advisory Board aims to provide strategic guidance to the Clarifire executive management team on the business strategy and growth plan of the company. The main purpose of the Clarifire Advisory Board is to assist Clarifire in developing strategies that will lead to optimized products, increased market share, enhanced client relationships and strengthened corporate governance. Additionally, the Board will be focused on building strategic partnerships for all members which will result in knowledge sharing amongst all participants and even potential profitable introductions and opportunities. The members' vast experiences and broad spectrum of business relationships coupled with their apt interest in making a difference in our corporate future is appreciated!

Clarifire is proud to welcome the following executive level professionals to its Advisory Board. All of which bring a prestigious resume with extensive expertise in their respective industries:


Our Innovators have dedicated countless years to ensuring Clarifire meets its objective of providing our clients opportunities and efficiencies, further igniting their ability to achieve competitive advantage in their industry. This group of innovative leaders are experts in their fields and bring a wealth of knowledge to our team.